What Should I Say to a Friend Who Has Had Botox?

Botox has grown increasingly popular among both men and women in recent years. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, there was a 759 percent increase in the number of Botox procedures between 2000 and 2015.

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Individual clinics are witnessing an increase in the number of men who schedule the procedure, as well. For example, the Financial Times reports that one clinic experienced a 200 percent increase in its number of male patients from 2011 to 2013.

Despite the popularity of Botox, though, people are still hesitant to talk about getting it. That doesn’t mean they don’t want others to notice that they look youthful, flawless and vibrant, though.

If one of your friends looks great after getting Botox and you are interested in experiencing the results for yourself, turn to Radiance Medspa. During your consultation with a Washington, D.C. Botox doctor, you can share your ultimate beauty goals, and our team will help you achieve them. Call 202-483-0008 to make an appointment, and read on for a few tips for talking to your friend after the procedure:

Don’t Stare

Although this tip might be obvious, it’s worth repeating because it’s so easy to forget. If your friend has had cosmetic surgery or Botox, do not stare at the sight of the procedure. Even if it looks great, your wandering eyes will only serve to make your friend feel self-conscious.

Start With a Compliment, Not a Question

If your friend has not revealed to you that he or she underwent Botox but you notice a difference, start with a compliment regarding the change and not a question asking about it. For example, you could say something like, “Your face is looking especially flawless tonight. Are you doing anything differently?” Even though that statement ends with a question, it’s not as blunt as, “Have you had work done?”

Consider the Setting

If you’re out with a group of people, your friend may not feel comfortable discussing the procedure in front of all of them. Consider the setting before broaching the subject so you do not make your friend uncomfortable. If you wait until it’s just the two of you, your pal will be more likely to discuss the procedure with you and offer any tips if you’re considering Botox yourself.

Remain Warm and Enthusiastic

Even if your friend looks great, he or she may feel self-conscious about the results because it often requires time to adjust to them. If your friend is anything less than thrilled with the new look, make sure you remain warm, supportive and enthusiastic. With time, your pal will realize just how great the results really are.

If someone close to you has gotten Botox and you are impressed with the results, turn to a Washington, D.C. Botox doctor at Radiance Medspa. The clinicians at our spa operate under the supervision of a medical doctor, and we offer everything from permanent hair removal to facial fillers. Call 202-483-0008 to make an appointment today.


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