Washington, D.C. Laser Hair Removal Clinic Discusses 5 Common Hair-Care Mistakes

Hair removal is a part of many people’s daily routine. It can be both time consuming and expensive to maintain smooth, attractive skin – especially if you are not using the right technique.


There are many approaches to hair removal, including waxing, laser hair treatments and shaving. While each has its own pros and cons, laser hair removal is the only solution that offers permanent results.

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Until then, read on to learn five common hair removal mistakes:

  1. Not Exfoliating

According to Allure, one of the biggest hair-care mistakes that people make is not exfoliating before removal. Exfoliating can help prevent ingrown hairs, regardless of the hair removal method that you use.

Exfoliating can also help if you are already suffering from ingrown hairs. Gently exfoliate the area with a body scrub, and consider using a daily lotion with alpha hydroxy acids to stop them from recurring.

  1. Using Dull Blades to Shave

If you choose to shave, then using a dull or blunt blade can cause discomfort – and the results won’t be as attractive. Shaving is an abrasive practice, and unless you use a sharp blade, you may cause redness, bumps and ingrown hairs.

  1. Contorting the Face while Tweezing

Many women choose to tweeze rogue hairs from their face. According to Allure, this is not the time to make faces at yourself in the mirror. It is better to relax your face and keep it symmetrical while tweezing. If you are concerned about pain, then use an ice cube to numb the area.

  1. Shaving in the Morning

Shaving in the morning after a quick shower may be convenient, but it will not produce the smoothest results. Your legs swell during the night, and this will hide a portion of your hairs that your razor cannot reach. If you shave in the evening, then you are more likely to achieve a smoother and closer finish, and you may be able to shave less often.

  1. Trying Complex At-Home Waxing and Hair Removal Techniques

Many women try to save money by practicing complex at-home hair removal techniques, including waxing and shaving. While this may seem like a good way to prevent expenses, the results are often poor, and the process can be painful.

If you want a long-lasting solution to stubborn body hair, then you may be a good candidate for laser hair removal. The process is safe, the results are permanent, and over time, the cost may be lower than shaving.

If you have questions about Botox or laser hair removal in Washington, D.C., then contact Radiance Medspa. We can explain the process and the results that you can expect. Call us today at 202-483-0008 to schedule an appointment.

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