Top 4 Benefits of Dermal Fillers in Washington, D.C.

If you are tired of covering wrinkles with makeup every day, then dermal fillers may be a viable solution. The procedure is safe and produces natural-looking results while helping patients combat the signs of aging. In addition to treating wrinkles, dermal fillers can make your face look smoother, potentially taking years off your overall appearance.

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If you have questions regarding facial fillers in Washington, D.C., contact Radiance Medspa. We will evaluate your cosmetic goals and develop a plan to help you reach them. Our staff will customize the treatment based on your specific needs. Call us today at 202-483-0008 to schedule an appointment.

Until then, read on to learn the top four benefits of using dermal fillers to treat facial wrinkles:

  1. Consistent Plumpness

According to WebMD, getting dermal fillers is an effective way to improve the appearance of the face and skin for an extended period of time. Some fillers, such as Radiesse, do not use collagen that will dissolve in the body and slowly disappear over time.

Fillers that do not use collagen will help your skin maintain its plumpness and viscosity longer than alternative fillers. Unlike certain treatments that may require constant follow-ups, Radiesse fillers may only need occasional collagen boosts.

  1. Cost-Effective Wrinkle Treatment

Injectable wrinkle fillers are significantly more cost effective than traditional facelifts. Also, patients don’t have to deal with the extended post-surgery recover time that comes with facelifts. This means that patients can return to work quicker, which translates into less financial loss.

With Radiesse, you will need fewer doctor’s visits, which also reduces the overall costs. In fact, the results may be visible for years after the initial treatment.

  1. Natural-Looking Results

According to MayoClinic, dermal fillers can produce subtle and natural-looking results. If correctly administered by a reputable clinic, the treatment will look soft and natural, and it will not appear as though you have had extensive work or surgery done on your face. While some facial fillers may eventually look superficial or fake, Radiesse produces a softer and more authentic outcome.

  1. No Downtime

One of the big drawbacks of traditional facial treatments, such as facelifts, is the extended amount of downtime that patients may need to heal. Not only does this prevent patients from exercising and completing daily obligations, but it also keeps them out of work, which can threaten their finances. This makes facelifts and other invasive operations unpractical for many people.

With dermal fillers, there is no downtime. In fact, many people opt to have the procedures during their lunch breaks or after work. There may be minor side effects, such as redness and mild skin sensitivity, but there is no extended recovery period.

If you would like to learn more about dermal fillers in Washington, D.C., contact Radiance Medspa today. We will evaluate your wrinkles and suggest the best treatment plan according to your needs and desires. To schedule an appointment, call us today at 202-483-0008.

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