IPL Photofacial- Cutera Limelight

Limelight IPL, is a non-invasive treatment using light frequencies to target excess pigment, as well as small veins and facial redness, without harming the surrounding skin. Rosacea, age spots, freckles, sun (brown) spots, broken capillaries, birthmarks and melasma are all forms of excess skin pigment. IPL/Laser photofacial removes or diminishes unwanted pigment, fragmenting and dispersing the excess melanin in the skin with light energy. IPL/Laser therapy also stimulates collagen production, resulting in plumper skin, improvement in the appearance of fine lines, and smaller pores. The end result is smoother, healthier and younger appearing skin. 3 to 6 sessions may be required.

Hyperpigmentation/Sun Damage


Vascular Treatment: IPL/Laser is ideal for treating facial redness, broken capillaries, spider veins, telangiectasias, cherry angiomas, and Rosacea. IPL/Laser also utilizes filtered light frequencies to target the pigment in hemoglobin, causing small vessels to constrict and disappear. Vessels will fade gradually within 10 to 14 days following treatment.

Acne Treatment: Acne is caused by bacteria (P. acnes) that live on the skin and in oil glands. Hormones (such as those produced in puberty) can lead to excess oil gland secretion which, combined with bacterial growth, causes break outs. IPL/Laser treatment provides a safe alternative to reducing bacterial growth and oil secretion. IPL/Laser is also highly effective for the treatment of pseudofolliculitis (razor bumps). IPL/Laser acne treatment procedure lasts about 15 minutes and produces brief discomfort and redness.

Treatments are conducted in a series. The number of treatments is determined by your healthcare professional. These treatments are suitable for all areas of the body.

Most patients experience a little discomfort. Some patients may feel heat or a slight stinging sensation similar to a rubber band snapping against the skin. No downtime is involved; patients can return to normal activities immediately.

Possible side effects include reddening of the skin and mild swelling. Patients with keloids or recent tans may not be ideal candidates. Intense Pulsed Light/Laser Therapy may not be recommended for pregnant women or clients taking blood thinners.

IPL/Laser photofacial series achieve best results when combined with Microdermabrasion which promotes cell turnover.

Instructions before treatment:Photofacial

Do not tan or stay in the sun for extended periods of time before treatment. Avoid aspirin and other blood thinners. Retin-A and other exfoliating products should be stopped 3 days prior to having a photofacial.

Instructions after treatment:
Avoid any sun exposure for 48 hours and wear SPF 30 sunscreen. You may apply cool compresses to reduce any redness and swelling.; You can resume your home skincare regimen as recommended by our staff.

To ensure your safety, test spots will be performed prior to initial treatment with IPL/Laser.