Washington DC Laser Hair Removal Treatments Before and After


Laser Hair Removal

Cutera CoolGlide

For All Skin Tones- The Cutera CoolGlide laser hair removal system was designed for all skin types, from light to dark, including tanned clients. This laser has a  uniquely longer wavelength and innovative cooling system to  offer extremely effective, safe and permanent results. We can treat most areas of the body and the treatment is very effective on ingrown hair issues.

Laser Hair Removal

Pseudofolliculitis Barbae (PFB)

PFB, or razor bumps, is a common condition in which the hair regrows, after shaving, curves back towards and pierces the skin resulting in a pustule or papule. PFB is very prevalent in populations with curly hair, affecting nearly 85% of men of African decent and a growing number of women. The Coolglide’s excellent safety profile for all skin types including the darkest skin, makes it a safe, effective and revolutionary alternative for the treatment of pseudofolliculitis barbae.


Laser Hair Removal

What do CoolGlide treatments feel like?
Just like it sounds, the CoolGlide laser cools and soothes as it glides along your skin. When the pulse of light is delivered, some clients experience a mild pinching or stinging sensation. anesthesia nor pain medication is typically not required; some clients may request to use a topical anesthetic for more sensitive areas

How many treatments will I need?
Most areas require 4-6 treatments for permanent hair reduction. The number of CoolGlide treatments required for optimal long-term results depends on many factors - hair thickness, the area treated and your hair's growth cycle. Interestingly, not all hairs are actively growing at the same time and actually go through three distinct phases: growth, regression, and resting. CoolGlide treatments work by destoying the hair that is principally in the active growth phase at the time of laser hair removal treatment. Since other hairs will enter this active growth phase at different times, additional treatments may be necessary to destoy all of the hair follicles in a given area.

What to expect after the treatment?
Following your CoolGlide treatment, the area may appear a bit red and swollen. Three to seven days after treatment you may experience what seems to be regrowth of hair. Actually, most of these hairs are being shed as a result of your treatment and are not regrowing. Between laser hair removal treatments you should not wax or pluck your hair, but shaving is permitted.

Possible side effects?
Clients experience few side effects, most commonly noticed are slight reddening and local swelling of the skin, similar to a sunburn. These effects typically last for several hours or less. In rare instances, blistering may occur. Consult with your medical professional for complete information on the benefits and risks of treatment.


Laser Hair Removal

Lower Back

Laser Hair Removal

Because hair can only be affected during certain growth cycles, several treatments are necessary. Usually, five to seven sessions are required to achieve the desired effect. Treatments are conducted in a series. The number of treatments is determined by your healthcare professional. The hair reduction should be permanent, though it will not eliminate 100% of hair growth, and occasional touch-ups may be necessary.


 Image of Chin Before Laser Hair Removal Image of Chin After Laser Hair Removal

Most clients experience a little discomfort. Some clients may feel heat or a slight stinging sensation similar to a rubber band snapping against the skin. Ice may be applied to alleviate discomfort and numbing cream is available by request but must be applied in advance. No downtime is involved; clients can return to normal activities immediately. .

Possible side effects include redness of the skin and mild swelling. Burns, patchy regrowth and pigmentation changes are very rare. Clients with keloids or recent tans may not be ideal candidates. White/gray hair cannot be treated with Intense Pulsed Light or Laser since these treatments rely on melanin for light absorption. Intense Pulsed Light/Laser Therapy may not be recommended for pregnant women or clients taking blood thinners.

Instructions before treatment:

Do not tan or stay in the sun for extended periods of time before laser hair removal treatment. Avoid aspirin and other blood thinners. Treatment area should be clean shaven prior to IPL/Laser Therapy. Waxing prior to treatment should be avoided.

Instructions after treatment:

Avoid any sun exposure for 48 hours and wear SPF 30 sunscreen. You may apply cool compresses to reduce any redness and swelling. Waxing is not recommended between treatments, however shaving is permitted.

To ensure your safety, test spots will be performed prior to initial treatment with IPL/Laser.