Customized Facial Fillers in Washington


Serenity Facial Fillers

Our serenity facial is a tranquil experience designed to leave your skin feeling renewed and refreshed. This facial fillers provides double cleansing, a mild exfoliation, steam, a stimulating face and shoulder massage, followed by a customized treatment mask. Enjoy the calming journey as we take your skin to the next level dazzling with a healthy glow. This treatment is great for first-time facial clients. All facials include a complimentary consultation.

Healthy Aging Vitamin C

This is a specialized skincare treatment that delivers high-potency Vitamin C that penetrates throughout the epidermis. You will experience immediate benefits, such as firmness, improved skin tone and a dewy healthier appearance. Deep cleansing and a therapeutic face and dcollet massage are followed by a professional strength exfoliation, and of course, our signature concentrated Vitamin C mask. This facial is especially good for our environmentally-damaged and mature skin clients.

Deep Pore Cleansing

This deep, pore cleansing and exfoliating facial is great for those clients who have the classic combination skin. Using specific products to soften the pores for deep cleaning and extractions, this facial focuses on rebalancing the skin by removing excess oils and debris from the skin. Results may vary between each individual. Best results, if done in series of 3.

Back Treatment

We got your back on this one. This customized treatment clarifies and detoxifies the back. Toning, exfoliation and extractions are also included in this specialized treatment. This treatment will have you ready for the beach.

Express Teen Facial

This 30 minute facial is designed for our adolescent clients. Includes cleansing, exfoliation, and a calming mask . Also included is education regarding a skincare home regimen customized to each clients needs.

Men’s Facials

Grooming Face Treatment

This Grooming Face Treatment is a once-a- month must for any guy on the go who wants to stay looking good. These services include a gentle wash with exfoliation, zit zapping, pressure point massage and a duo purifying, moisturizing mask.

The Men's Sport Face Treatment

The Mens Sport Face Treatment: If your skin is dry, itchy or hot from working out or experiencing shaving woes, let our clinician train your skin into ideal shape.

The Executive Face Treatment

This is the Rolls Royce of facial fillers treatment. Experience a warm Turkish towel treatment for starters. Then enjoy a deep warm wash, rapid exfoliation, facial massage and mask.

The Men's Back Restoration Treatment

Weve got your back on this one. Start your restoration with a deep brush cleansing, exfoliation, and massage. Finish with a clay mask and mineral spray.