Botox® Injections and Wrinkle Treatments in Washington, DC

One of the main things people are interested in is wrinkle treatment. Having smooth tight skin is something we all want but unfortunately most of us will have unwanted wrinkles appear at one time or another. These unwanted lines in our skin just don’t develop overnight but are something that gradually occurs over time. The sun, certain foods, the way we sleep, and many other factors are just some of the culprits that effect how a person may develop wrinkles. More and more research being done shows that keeping wrinkles away is very possible and in some cases completely eliminated but must be done at the earliest sign of them appearing. By being proactive and managing your skin properly, you can look and feel healthier as you go through the later years of life.

Botox treatment is just one of the many ways to get rid of unwanted wrinkles and is considered one of the most effective ways of smoothing out and tightening your skin when a person desires wrinkle treatment. Laser treatments, medical peels and microdermabrasion treatments are the other highly effective ways of treating wrinkles and are considered very safe as well. Using these methods to improve your complexion and smooth skin will work on any skin type and results can be noticed in just one to a few sessions. At Radiance medspa in Washington DC, we combine a variety of methods to effectively get rid of and manage unwanted wrinkles. If you are interested to find out more about the different processes and techniques used for wrinkle treatments at Radiance Medspa DC, contact us today at 202-483-0008.

Botox® Cosmetic/Therapeutic is a muscle relaxing agent that reduces wrinkles and fine lines.  Botox temporarily reduces the muscle contractions that cause wrinkles. By relaxing the muscles, the overlying skin becomes smoother. The healthcare professionals at Radiance DC also use Botox® to treat underarm sweating and migraine headaches .

The areas most commonly treated with Botox Cosmetic include the vertical lines between the eyebrows, horizontal forehead lines, crow’s feet, and lower facial wrinkles. A tiny needle delivers a small amount of medication to the targeted muscle with very little discomfort. Topical anesthetic cream is usually not required prior to injections.

Botox Cosmetic

Botox is proven to be safe and effective. Potential side effects include occasional bruising at the injection sites, mild swelling lasting up to 48 hours, and temporary eyelid drooping. Do not use Botox if you have an infection at the Botox injection site, are allergic to Botox or are pregnant. Some conditions may increase the chance of infection, so a healthcare professional should be advised of your medical history before receiving Botox Washington DC.

The results of a Botox treatment begin to appear in seven to fourteen days. Generally, after three to four months, the Botox effects will begin to fade and facial features will gradually return to their former state. Repeated Botox treatments progressively weaken the targeted muscles and can lead to more prolonged duration and less frequent treatments. Botox can be preventative. Maintenance treatments are necessary to keep the effect of Botox for long periods of time.

Treatments will be provided by a licensed healthcare professional.

Botox Cosmetic

Instructions before treatment:

Avoid alcoholic beverages and anti-inflammatory medications before treatment. Schedule a Botox appointment at least two weeks prior to any special events to allow time to heal.

Instructions after treatment:

Treat any mild discomfort with regular Tylenol. Temporary swelling may occur. If desired, an icepack can be applied after treatment. Do not massage the treated areas because it may move the Botox around and create a different effect. You may resume normal activities immediately. However, it is recommended to remain upright and avoid strenuous activity for four hours after injections. Many clients undergo Botox during their lunch break and return to work after treatment.

At Radiance Washington DC, you will always receive Botox Cosmetic brand from Allergan.