Ilona Sonoleva

Ilona Soboleva, RN, BSN has been in a medical and nursing fields for over 20 years. She graduated from Georgetown University as a Bachelor of Science in Nursing as a second degree. Her first degree was in Dental Science, received a few years earlier. Over the last 14 years Ilona worked predominantly in Pediatric Intensive Care, NICU, and Pediatric Oncology areas before deciding to pursue her long standing love interest in the field of Medical Aesthetics. She graduated from the country’s first comprehensive Aesthetic Dermatology Nursing Program in Newport Beach, CA, where she completed over 370 hours of theoretical and practical training.

There is practically no field of aesthetic nursing Ilona does not feel passionate about: neurotoxin treatments, dermal fillers, spider vein treatment, optical therapies, laser rejuvenation, medical peels, laser hair removal – just to name a few. In addition, she is focused on using the micro-cannula method to perform most of the dermal filler injections, using a smooth tip micro-cannula instead of a sharp needle. She believes that in aesthetic medicine there can be gain without excess pain or bruising. We are proud to add her knowledge and expertise to our experienced staff Radiance Medspa DC.

Ilona is also fluent in English, Russian and Spanish languages.