How Should I Prepare for My Washington, D.C. Botox Treatment?

Frown lines, forehead furrows and crow’s feet – no one loves them yet everyone eventually has them. Fortunately, there are safe, non-invasive options for people who want to address their wrinkles and restore their energetic, youthful appearance.

In the United States, patients spent more than $13.5 billion on combined surgical and non-surgical procedures in 2015, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. This marked a 20-percent increase compared to 2014.

Botox continues to be one of the most popular facial wrinkle treatments on the market. The reason? It is highly effective and very safe.

WebMD reports that the benefits of Botox injections are noticeable for three to four months. As the targeted muscles are trained to relax over time, lines and wrinkles begin to reduce even without follow-up Botox treatments.

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3 FAQs about Botox

Botox injections are designed to block nerve signals that cause muscles to contract. This results in a temporary relaxing effect that reduces the appearance of wrinkles. The treatment is also used to remedy certain conditions related to muscle movement such as eye twitching, repetitive neck spasms, and even migraines.

It is important to note that Botox injections cannot treat wrinkles caused by sun damage. It is most effective for reducing the appearance of lip lines and wrinkles in the corners of the mouth, chin and neck.

Read on to learn the answers to three FAQs about Botox:

  1. How Should I Prepare for Botox?

Although Botox is not a surgical procedure, it can cause complications if you are not careful. Be sure to let your therapist know if you regularly take any muscle relaxants, sleep aids or allergy medications. Your practitioner might request that you stop taking blood thinner medications to reduce your risk of bleeding or bruising.

  1. What Happens during the Treatment?

Botox injections are usually not painful, but they can cause some discomfort, which is why your doctor may suggest numbing the area before treatment. He or she will then use a thin needle to inject tiny amounts of botulinum toxin into your skin. The number of injections will depend on the size of the treatment area.

  1. When Will I Notice Results?

One of the reasons why Botox injections are so popular is that they usually begin working a few days after treatment. Depending on the area you are targeting, the benefits may last for up to four months. When your wrinkles become noticeable again, you can address them with a follow-up Botox treatment.

If you have questions about wrinkle treatment in Washington, D.C., contact Radiance Medspa. Our spa operates under the supervision of a medical doctor, and we personalize every procedure to ensure the results look natural.

Our top priority is patient safety, and we focus on personalized, results-oriented treatments. Call 202-483-0008 to schedule a consultation.


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