5 Surprising Stars Who Have Tried Botox

There’s no doubt that cosmetic surgery has lost some of its stigma in recent years. Thanks to advancements in medical technology, many procedures are now safer and more effective than they’ve ever been. In fact, even celebrities are no longer trying to hide the fact that they have visited a plastic surgeon in the past.


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Whether you’re considering laser hair removal or Botox in Washington, D.C., we can help. Make an appointment today, and read on for five surprising celebrities who have admitted to getting Botox in the past:

  1. Robin Wright

According to Yahoo, House of Cards star Robin Wright openly admits to using Botox on a regular basis. She also claims that nearly everyone else in Hollywood uses it, too, but says she can’t confirm anything for sure. Wright prefers using Botox in moderation and opts for just one unit every six months or so to stay young.

  1. Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell claims that he has gotten Botox, but he does not rely on it excessively. Though this is likely to surprise fans, it’s actually not that uncommon for men in Hollywood to rely on cosmetic procedures to stay young, too, much like their female counterparts. Cowell is not shy about his use of cosmetic procedures, and he admits that Botox is part of his standard beauty routine.

  1. Courtney Cox

Though she claims she uses it sparingly, Courtney Cox is an advocate for Botox for women everywhere. She admits she doesn’t have a problem with it, and she believes that it’s perfectly fine for men or women to take advantage of if it makes them feel better as long as a qualified technician administers it.

  1. Demi Moore

One of the more natural beauties in Hollywood, Demi Moore has been aging remarkably well, and it looks like her secret is Botox. Now in her early 50s, Moore admits to getting Botox two to three times per year. Recent photos of Moore reveal that her surgeon knows exactly where to administer facial fillers for the most natural-looking results.

  1. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is another one of Hollywood’s natural beauties, but she admits to using Botox to keep her face fresh. Her surgeon administers it in such a way that it doesn’t take away from her natural beauty and instead keeps her face supple, fresh and flawless.

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