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Can I Go Tanning after Getting Laser Hair Removal in Washington, D.C.?

When it comes to removing unwanted body hair, most women are delighted to learn that laser hair removal is actually fairly affordable—especially if you compare it to the lifetime cost of shaving. And since nothing complements smooth, hairless legs like a sun-kissed, golden glow, you may be eager to use all the money you will save on razors at the tanning salon.

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Why Are So Many People Opting for Botox in Washington, D.C.?

Botox is back and more popular than ever – but the reason might surprise you. Although Botox came into popularity as a wrinkle treatment, it can also treat a myriad of medical conditions such as cerebral palsy, bladder dysfunction and hyperhidrosis.

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Why Visit a Spa This Holiday Season? Washington, D.C. Botox Doctor Explains

The end-of-year holiday season is in full swing. While the masses gear up for winter’s worst, thousands of Americans are planning tropical getaways. If you want to spend your holiday vacation in a warmer climate, then you’ll want to make sure your body is ready to hit the beach.

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