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People Hate Us on Yelp

the story behind yelp

People hate us on yelp and we’re not alone on this “unfair relationship” with the famous reviews website. When you google Yelp, this is what you find among their paid ad:

PBS: Yelp’s Rocky Relationship with Small Business

East Bay Express: Yelp and the Business of Extortion 2.0 

Yelp Sucks

Wall Street Journal: Yelp Reviews Brew a Fight Over Free Speech vs. Fairness

Wired: Yelp Accused of Extortion

Forbes: Think Yelp is Unbiased? Think Again!!

All our good reviews have been deleted by them and the only available is a bad one. Some clients have asked us about this and the only answer we have is: We refuse to be part Yelp’s extortion. We believe that if every business do the same, people will stop relying on Yelp’s reviews as an unbiased source. We tried calling them to figure out what was going on and the only answer we got was that they have a filter for all reviews that is supposed to put on evidence reviews from most reliable users. Of course, that is a lie. Many of our customers have written good reviews and they’re nowhere to be found.

Radiance DC is still a well recommended medspa and we hope new customers give more credit to actual people’s recommendations and google reviews rather than to Yelp. Fortunately, our customers are always very happy with our services and they always come back and recommend us to their friends.

Radiance DC. Personal Focus, Beautiful Results!

Radiance DC, your neighborhood Medspa

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Radiance DC is the only medical spa located in  the prestigious area of Dupont Circle. We’ve been serving the DC area clients since 2008 and in April of 2012 we made Dupont our new home, conveniently located  just steps from the north exit of the metro!

We are your neighborhood medical spa if you’re looking for cutting edge medical cosmetic services.  At Radiance DC you will receive personal attention and customized treatment plans for popular treatments like:  Botox, Dermal Fillers and Laser from our experienced nurses or  board certified surgeon Dr. Jonathan Johnson. In addition, we offer traditional and customized facials, massage and more. Body conscious clients love our Velashape  body contouring and Lipotropics weight loss programs, a great opportunity to lose weight and get in shape!  It’s all just around the corner from you and we are opened Tuesday – Saturday  with some late hours for your convenience.

Here’s an little example of  the Radiance DC experience for facials:

-You book your appointment online or by phone

– On the first appointment the clinician will conduct a digital skin analysis

– The clinician will discuss recommendations and a  treatment plan with you

– You will receive your treatment in a nice room with ambient music, candles and a comfy bed

– You walk out  glowing with great results and knowing the next best step to improving

The Radiance DC is located on 1608 20th St. You can visit our website at or make an appointment by calling 202.483.0008.  Radiance DC: Personal Focus, Beautiful Results.