Massage Therapy

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Swedish Massage – a relaxing combination of gentle kneading and gliding strokes that are used to soothe, relax, and ease stress and impurities from the body. Swedish is the perfect way to let the world melt away for a while!
Price: $85

Deep Tissue Massage – caters more to those who really need to be worked on. If you have particular needs from work-out aches to intense stress due to repetitive motion or overwhelming workplace or household, this is for you. Hurts so good!
Price: $100

Best Friend Package – 1 hour of relaxing treatment including a refreshing facial & soothing full body massage
Price: $99

Reflexology – Great add on to any massage or on its own. Restore fexibility and relieve tention in the whole body

Senenityl Facial & Massage – 2 hours of serenity with a customized clinical facial and a soothing, stress relieving, therapeutic massage, intended to renew the way you look and feel. Recharge yourself or someone else!
Price: $199

Prenatal/Pregnancy Massage – similar to a Swedish massage with a few minor adjustments to help expecting mothers defy some of the undesirable side effects of pregnancy. It helps with back pain, leg cramps, varicosities, digestion, and promotes fetal wellness. An indulgent yet necessary luxury both you and your baby will love!
Price: $100 (after first trimester)

Hot Stone Therapy – uses the added benefit of deep heating to really go below the surface and relax the muscle giving an extra dimension of delight to your massage. Polished river stones are heated and applied to the body using a variety of techniques to send stress and aches packing!
Price: $125

Signature Combination Massage – 90 minutes, for anyone who wants the ultimate in luxurious massage experience. Your choice of Swedish, Deep Tissue, or Hot Stone Therapy combined with your choice of a delicious honey papaya facial or aromatic reflexology foot treatment with rose and lavender essential oils and exfoliation. Spoil yourself!
Price: $165

Exfoliating Body Polish – Best treatment before you tan or bare it all. Cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate to acheive a smoother texture and healthy glow for your whole body as dead skin cells are removed massaged away with aromatic essential oils ,natural body salts and sugars.
Price: $75 (45 minutes)