Get “Getaway Ready” Today at Radiance Medspa in Washington DC!

Winter is in full effect throughout the United States, and if you are located in Washington DC, you’re probably tired of the dreary cold by now. One way lots of people warm up and deal with these long winter months is to get a big blast of rejuvenation by booking a weekend getaway someplace warm and relaxing. Miami, the Bahamas, Cancun; the options are limitless!

Remove unsightly red and purple vein clusters       Long Lasting

Remove unsightly red and purple vein clusters Long Lasting

However, before you jet off into the warm sunsets down south, we suggest getting “getaway ready” to be sure you enjoy the scenery that much more in the comfort of your skin. You will be taking selfies and posing under the palms, after all; why risk the photo ops with winter skin and droopy eyelids if you don’t have to?

Top Spa Services to Get You Looking Your Best

Radiance Medspa in Washington DC has got you covered from head to toe, to keep you looking and feeling your very best! Here are the best treatments to revive your winter look:


Give your fine lines and sagging skin the boot with some Botox. Safe, effective, and very simple to have done, Botox can reduce lines and wrinkles in a very short amount of time. Results are often seen after just one or two treatments, and it is an excellent way to fend off those pesky signs of aging. This is a treatment that begins to show its effects in 7-14 days, so if you’re planning to look your best on your winter getaway, keep this in mind before you have it done.

Hair Removal

What gets more in the way of your time on the beach or lounging poolside than the annoyance of shaving constantly to ensure one’s skin is silky-smooth and soft? Before any vacay, you can get waxed, but then you have to deal with the hair returning rather quickly. And anyone who has sat through waxings knows it’s not the most pleasant experience. The solution to either of these mediocre approaches is laser hair removal, which after your specified number of sessions will make temporary hair removal a thing of the past.


Keep your skin glowing and gorgeous with a custom facial. Let the pros at Radiance Medspa in Washington DC help you get exactly the skin treatment you need to have your skin looking its best with our Visia Digital Skin Analysis. Among the top facials is the Healthy Aging Vitamin C facial designed to improve your skin’s tone, firmness, and leave you with a radiant, dewy glow. You will be vacation-ready in an instant!

Winter 2018 is a cold one almost everywhere this year! We suggest you plan your escape and head someplace warm to defrost for a bit. Aren’t you ready for some sunshine and warmth? Consider it a treat to yourself; get yourself looking glam, head to the beach or the pool, unwind, soak up the sun (with your proper SPF, of course!), and relax for a bit. While we can’t book your trip for you, we can help you look your best the whole time you’re there!

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